Delta Pool Care Provides Swimming Pool Service by a Team of Highly Professional Service Technicians

Delta Pool Care provides Residential and Commercial pool service. We service pools in the Stockton CA, Lodi CA, Galt, Lockeford, Acampo, Wilton and other surrounding areas.

Residential Pool Service

Give us a call and we will set up a day and time to meet with you, evaluate your pool and pool equipment and determine what your pool service needs are. We have several levels of pool service to choose from.  We can also help you with a green pool  or repairs to your current equipment. We provide filter cleanings as well which are important to clean at least 2-3 times a year or more depending on the type of filter you have.

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Commercial Pool Service

Delta Pool Care also provides Commercial Pool Service for any type of commercial pools. Apartment complex pools, community pools and more. We are CPO certified which means we continue to keep up on the education to be a Certified Pool Operator and can help you maintain a crystal clear pool that is safe clean and meets all the standards of the county and state guidelines in order to remain usable and safe for your customers and clients.

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Pool Equipment Repairs

Delta Pool care provides swimming pool equipment repairs in Stockton CA , Lodi and other surrounding locations that we provide swimming pool service. We can handle pool equipment upgrades and repairs.

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Delta Pool Care provides swimming pool service for residential and commercial

Swimming pools. Our pool service areas includes Elk Grove CA, Lodi CA, Wilton CA, Lockeford CA, Galt CA, Stockton CA, Morada CA, as well as the smaller surrounding towns and cities. We provide regular weekly pool cleaning service that maintains and balances the swimming pool chemicals, brushing off any algea, vacuuming your swimming pool if needed as well as monitoring the pool equipment and providing pool equipment repairs if needed. We provide excellent customer service and are quick to respond to your swimming pool service needs. We can clean up most any neglected green swimming pools and get your swimming pool back in great condition quickly so that you can relax and lay by the pool knowing it is clean and safe for you and your family. Our Lodi CA based Pool cleaning service company is owner operated with a team of professional pool service technicians. We look forward to providing you swimming pool service for years to come.