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Let us treat your green pool and get the beautiful and inviting pool you desire We have the expertise to help you!

Our staff will evaluate and remediate the source of the problem – poor chemistry, equipment problems, dirty filters resulting in poor circulation, etc. Use a variety of chemical agents to treat the problem and eliminate the algae. We use special equipment to filtrate out green algae and other debris from your swimming pool.

Algae is a fast-growing bacteria so it’s crucial to limit algae growth with proper maintenance. While the algae itself is not a direct hazard to the human body it can be breeding grounds for bug larvae, rodents  and many other hazardous bacteria types that present potential threats. There are many different types of algae and it’s important to understand the difference to effectively treat it.

Algae can also become a slippery slime which presents another hazard of slipping and falling and potentially drowning. So, it’s also important to remove any algae around the swimming pool, such as on the deck.

If you catch it quickly enough, shock treatments and running the pump continuously can kill the algae and turn your pool from swampy green back to sparkling blue. However, leaving a green pool untreated for even a couple of days may require methods that are more aggressive. Your pool may even need to be drained, scrubbed, refilled, and balanced.

Important Green Pool Cleanup Facts

  • Green Pools are not only unsightly, but also unhealthy
  • Green Pools present an unsafe environment due to slip and fall hazards
  • All algae in and around pool must be removed

Give us a call to schedule a free estimate to clean up your green pool . We provide swimming pool service in Lodi, South Sacramento, Wilton, Galt, Stockton and surrounding locations.